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Sole Developer of This Project and All Code: ( )

You can find out more about me at my website:

Dear Community,

Victory game has been my own personal coding project in UE4 for many months!

I have been steadily building an in-game editor that is specific to my project, enabling users to make their own game world.

The focal points of my Victory Game are:

  • Action
  • Puzzle Solving
  • Platforming
  • Endless Replay Value Via In-Game Editor

While I ultimately plan to make levels for release with my game, I am mainly focused on building the editor so that users can make their own worlds with my editor and share them with each other!

The typical file size for one of my levels is less than 1 kb, so users will be able to share files via email, or even an iphone! Hee hee!

Rama's C++ AI Jumping Videos

I've been training the UE4 pathing system to dynamically calculate jumping decisions using just C++! No helpers in the editor!

In this video I prove to you that I am using just C++ to do all the calculations!


More Rama AI Jumping Videos

Big Mech, Little Pilot Climbs on Mech Body

In this video I demonstrate my system for supporting one pawn climbing on another pawn!

In this case the tiny mech pilot can get out of the huge mech and climb around on the mech body as if the mech body where a playground!

Please note in the video that I deliberately rotate the mech at an odd rotation before having the pilot exit the mech and climb around.

My collision solution supports any animation state of the Mech body!

I created the Mech model used in this video myself, and did all the animations too!

I call it the Wind Turtle! :)

The little pilot is also my own model, thought not quite as fancy as the mech :)


UE4 Gameplay Recording System

Dear Community,

In these two videos I am demonstrating how you can use UE4's programmatic game recording system to full replays of your game that record at tiny file sizes!

The core of the matter is that your entire game needs to be coded for multiplayer, everything that you want to see in the recording needs to replicate.

Also, my game has a lot of custom character movements like a jumping sword spin and a roll, and for these sort of custom character movements you will need a c++ custom character movement component.

Check out the results in these videos!

Using Ue4's demo net driver recording system you can create ultra-small replay files for your game that look great.

No need to use Fraps, and as a result you can record really long play sessions using this system!

Video 1: UE4's Gameplay Recording System!


Video 2: UE4 Gameplay Recording of Moving Platforms, Exploding Buttons, and LASERS!


Multiple Selection

The most recent feature I've added to my editor is multiple selection!

The first selected actor becomes the pivot point for all rotations, scaling, and transforms :)



Undo Feature

I have a fully function undo feature for my game!

It handles both individual undo events, as well as group undo when using multiple selection.

My undo system can also handle any editor action you can do with my in-game editor!

Here's a video demoing undo feature for

  • translation
  • creation of meshes
  • changing material of meshes



Moveable Destroyable Meshes

I wrote my own custom code for a physics actor that can be destroyed into Apex physics pieces!

Notice in the video how the player character can stand on the physics object while it is simulating physics, before it is destroyed!



Per-Bone Sword Collision

In my project I have developed an CPU-efficient sword collision system!

This sword collision system can do per-bone collision checks !

Make sure to see the very end of the video where I clearly demonstrate that the sword collision is occurring per-bone!

The big skeletal's collision capsule is being penetrated but the skeleton only takes damage when the big skeletons idle animation brings its hand bone into range.



Dynamic Mesh Creation At Runtime

In this video I create a collide-able Torus Knot from an equation during runtime!

This mesh does nto exist as an editor asset, it is being created at runtime from code, that's why I can draw it's triangles as it is being made.

♥ Rama



I hope you've enjoyed checking out my videos!


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