Sprite Sheet: Multiple spritesheets sequence animation

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This is a basic tutorial showing how to create a material in UE4, multiple sprite sheets textures with an image sequence on it. During the video tutorial the author of the video describes a constant number that hes not sure what it has to to do with the number within the time function of the blueprint of rows or columns in the sprite sheet. The Number has to do with the speed at which the Flipbook node plays back your image sequence. Info Sourced from Ryan Shays book Master the art of unreal engine 4 blueprints book 1 of 3.




-Exporting a Image Sequence

-Create a spritesheet texture

-Create animated material

Project Files

If you want to follow the tutorial download the textures here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d31tc52f7gopyq1/Spritesheets.zip


<youtube> http://youtu.be/Jgzili3wZT4

Português (BR)

<youtube> http://youtu.be/9fH3uFDvocg


<ref>For more details and explanations i suggest you take a look on Ryan's Shah book (which was basis for this tutorial): https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?10221-BOOK-Blueprints-Master-the-Art-of-Unreal-Engine-4-Blueprints </ref>