Introduction to Third Person Blueprint Game - 17 - Skeleton Retargeting and Montage Setup in UE4

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In this video, we will show you how to do some basic retargeting as well as set up the Animation Montage for your character.


You cannot currently delete or rename Animation Montage Groups or Slots. Click on the magnifying glass next to slot name or Windows->Anim Slot Manager to bring up the Animation Slot Manager.

Branch Points moved in newer releases. Create a Notify by right clicking the track in Notifies section where you want it to trigger, select Add Notify, select last option "New Notify", give same name as in tutorial. Left click the new Notification and in the Details tab change the Event->"Montage Tick Type" from default of Queued to "Branching Point".

Review the "Animation: Play Multiple Montages" section in the 4.6 release notes .

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