Door and Button Blueprint system

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In this tutorial series we will be working on the robust and extendable system for door and button interaction. The tutorials cover more abstract and pure topics rather then specific technical implementation, so the discussed system is applicable in potentially any game project type, from top-down arcades and FPS shooters to sidescrollers.

The tutorial series is actively maintained, and thus new videos will be posted here. You can also track them at author's channel


All the tutorials made will be posted here.

Basic mechanics setup


In this part of the series we are setting up basic Blueprint classes and implement the simplest solution for opening/closing the door with button press. We also implement the button class in a way that multiple doors can be dynamically linked to any button object even during the runtime.

Door fade in/out effect


This tutorial adds a fade in/out effect as the door's opening/closing animation. This effect might be used in games with abstract styling to represent the door/gates functionality.

Door open/close effect


In this tutorial we extend the basic door class to add an actual opening/closing door animation. Such effect makes the door blueprint applicable in FPS and adventure games with a first-person camera perspective.

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