Compiling For FreeBSD

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Why cross-compilation

As required libraries for the editor are not available on FreeBSD, it is not possible to compile or use the editor natively. Cross-compilation for FreeBSD works similarly to cross-compilation for . The cross-compilation toolchain is currently targeted for FreeBSD 11.

Getting the source

The FreeBSD fork resides in an external repository at . The FreeBSD code is located in the release_freebsd branch. To get the source use the following command.

git clone -b release_freebsd

Getting the toolchain and dependencies

The cross-compilation toolchain for Windows and precompiled dependencies for FreeBSD can be downloaded from the latest -freebsd release on the releases page of the FreeBSD repository at . The dependencies must be extracted to the engine source directory.

Downloading toolchain and dependencies

Using the toolchain


Add an environment variable (Control Panel->System->Advanced system settings->Advanced->Environment variables) named FREEBSD_MULTIARCH_ROOT. The value should be the path to the toolchain directory downloaded from the releases page. Make sure the new environment variable has been registered to the system / application (MSVC) by rebooting the machine or restarting the app before continuing to the build step.

Setting Windows Environment Variable FREEBSD_MULTIARCH_ROOT


Packaging for FreeBSD follows the same rules as except with FreeBSD as the target platform.