Bomb and switch blueprint tutorial

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This series of videos will take you from start to finish in creating a switch/button that will spawn a bomb in a random location in the sky. The bomb will explode once it hits the ground.


Title: Door and switch blueprints tutorial
Author: Ermahgerd Lulz
Version: 4.5.1


This first video is an introduction to briefly show you what we are about to achieve.

This next video will be about creating our environment using brushes and then converting them to static meshes.
We will cover a couple different ways to apply collisions to both simple and more complex static meshes.

In this video we will be converting the static mesh of our bomb into a destructible mesh that can explode and have a particle system, as well as sound, applied to it.
I will also let you know where you can pick up assets (some of them free!) for your own games.

In this video we will be creating new materials by making very small changes to pre-existing materials in our starter content.

In the final video we will be working on the visual script in our switch blueprint, so that it will spawn bombs in a random location within a predefined area.