Blueprint Toggle Visibility Tutorial

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1. Begin with the Blank With Starter Content project.

2. Click on the Blueprints button in the toolbar, and select Class Blueprint: Create... from the dropdown menu.

3. Select Actor as the parent class in the window that appears.

4. Name your Blueprint, then click OK . In this example, the Blueprint is named CeilingLampBlueprint . By default, the Blueprint's save location will be Game/Blueprints.

Your Class Blueprint will open in Components Mode .

1. Add a Static Mesh Component in the Components tab.

2. Set the Static Mesh to SM_Lamp_Ceiling .

3. Add a PointLightComponent in the Components tab.

4. Set the PointLightComponent's location to [0, 0, -240].

5. In the Details panel, uncheck Visible under Rendering to turn the light off.

6. Add a BoxComponent in the Components tab.

7. Set the BoxComponent's location to [0, 0, -200] and scale to [5, 5, 7].

8. In the Details panel for Box1, find the Add Event dropdown menu and select Add OnComponentBeginOverlap .

9. Find the My Blueprint panel.

10. Click and drag from PointLight1 in the My Blueprint panel into the graph.

11. Select Get to get a reference to PointLight1 .

12. Click and drag from the blue pin on the PointLight1 reference node into an empty area of the graph to summon the context menu.

13. Search for Visibility in the context menu, and select Toggle Visibility.

14. Now we need to connect the OnComponentBeginOverlap node to the Toggle Visibility node, so that the event execution will cause the Toggle Visibility node to execute. Click on the output pin of OnComponentBeginOverlap and drag a wire to the input execution pin of Toggle Visibility .

15. Select Box1 in the My Blueprint tab.

16. Right-click in the graph, and expand Add Event for Box1 > Collision in the context menu.

17. Select Add On Component End Overlap .

18. Click on the output pin of OnComponentEndOverlap and drag a wire to the input execution pin of Toggle Visibility . You may want to click on the On Actor End Overlap and drag it within the graph so it is in a better location.

19. Return to the Level Editor , and open the Blueprints folder in the Content Browser .

20. Drag and drop CeilingLampBlueprint from the Content Browser into the level to place an instance of your ceiling light.

21. Play In Editor to test your new Blueprint logic!