Basic BLUEPRINT inventory

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Author's Note

Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes some basic to intermediate knowledge about Blueprints. If you have problems following along, I recommend watching Epic's videos on the subject.

This tutorial is an adaptation from and alvarofer0020's Inventory system for C++. I only looked at their works and made my own in pure blueprint, for those that don't know or don't want to use C++.


In this tutorial I'll be going over the following:

  • Making the item class
  • Picking up and dropping items
  • Storing and retrieving the items in an inventory
  • Expansions and tips

The Item Class

The Item class Create a class with Actor as a parent and name it Item.

The Item class will be the cornerstone in our system, as it is the class which will store all the information regarding our items. Adding Events Create the events Dropped and Picked Up