2D Game making - video series

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2D Game making


This is a tutorial series driving you in the process of making 2d game (Just one level as an example). It is not just how to handle the sprites, animations, music, and enemies. but there is more tricks behind selecting "Braid" as the game sample.

More about "Braid" the game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braid_(video_game)

The project Repository, should be up to dateĀ : https://bitbucket.org/mamoniem/braid-unrealengine-2d-game-tutorial

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P2 - Sprites & Animations

P3 - Building The Level

P4 - Player Controller

P5 - Enemies [Claw]

P6 - Enemies [Monster]

P7 - Gameplay Logic [Rewinding]